Success Stories


Two new school buildings have been built. Complete with new desks, water tanks for harvesting rain water, school supplies and a hand cranked mimeograph machine for exams and worksheets...

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It's Time to Give a Dime


$1 pays for a hot school lunch for 1 child for a full week. $40 pays for a hot school lunch for 1 child for a full school year.. $75 pays for a hot school lunch for the entire school or 550 children for a day.

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About Us


Bright Eyes Uganda has been working in Uganda, under the umbrella of The MIMA Foundation since 2005. We are a private, nonprofit, non-denominational organization. All members are volunteers.

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Mission Statement

The mission of Bright Eyes Uganda is to care for the indigent and under-served populations of Uganda, specifically the children. The goal is to improve the infrastructure of their rural villages with clean water, nutritional food, accessible health care and quality education. Bright Eyes. 1 ' ultimate goal is not to give a person a fish, but to teach that person how to fish so they may teach someone to fish.

Kids of Uganda